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The express car wash that saves time, money, and your paint job

  • Save Time
  • Save Your Car
  • Save the Planet

Your time is precious – and so is your water. Don’t waste either by washing your car yourself.

Why Choose Us

Show your car (and yourself) some love.


The Highest Quality Wash in 3 Minutes

It may seem simple, but a great car wash depends on strong technology. Every Whistle Express site uses the latest and most effective tunnel equipment to ensure each car receives the most thorough wash, while protecting the car.


Protect Your Car – and Keep It Cleaner, Longer

The seasons can be hard on your car’s paint job. At Whistle Express, you can easily and affordably add protective treatments to your standard wash to help your car maintain its shine longer by repelling bugs, pollen, and other elements.


Enjoy The Experience & The Extra Supplies

Our friendly, well-trained staff and spotless wash site makes the car wash an enjoyable diversion from the hustle of the day. We provide high-powered vacuums, air nozzles, spray cleaners, and clean microfiber towels so you have everything you need to get your car squeaky clean.

Whistle’s Winning Car Wash Treatments

  • Lava Shield

    Lava Shield

  • icon_wax

    Hot Wax

  • bug prep

    Bug Prep

  • special

    Underbody Rinse

  • icon_wash

    Triple Conditioner

  • rain repellent

    Rain Repellent

  • icon_shield

    Ceramic Shield

  • tire shine

    Tire Shine

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The Savings are Real

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Go Green!

Our mission is to clean your car while protecting the environment.

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    Enjoy a professional car wash with the environment in mind. Our water reclamation systems recycle 85% of the water consumed in a wash.

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    State-of-the-art technology significantly reduces the amount of water used in each wash by 91% over the average home wash.

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    We’re committed to protecting our environment by using only eco-friendly, biodegradable chemicals and eliminating runoff.